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EAST New Control Room Starts Its Use with the First Joint Experiment
Date: 2018/06/08 Author: XI Yingkun

The EAST new control room, which just came into use, welcomed its first batch of joint experiment participants who were from General Atomics (GA) and Leghieh University from 19th May to 6th June.

In the brand new 300-m2 control room, experiments of profile control development tests, safe fast Ramp-down for disruption avoidance, model re-validation and maximum controllability assessment were conducted jointly by the EAST team and guest collaborators.

On May 31-June 1, GA vice president, Tony Taylor and head of DIII-D program, David Hill visited ASIPP and witnessed this first joint experiment in new EAST control room.

During their visit, Tony Taylor, David Hill and ASIPP directors had discussion, and the two sides agreed to extend the current cooperation based on EAST/DIII-D joint experiment to a wider scope, covering the ITER procurement package, fusion reactor key systems’ technologies, CFETR program and so on.

Since International Collaboration Center for Tokamak Energy Development was set up between ASIPP and GA under the support of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and the United States Department Energy (DOE) on April in October 2015, the two institutes have conducted series of collaborative activities on theory modeling, joint experiments, plasma control, commissioning, engineering and talents training. The achievements on high performance scenario made though joint experiments on DIII-D and EAST was highlighted by DOE in 2017.

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