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Feeder CTB Outbox and Thermal Shield Proceeds to Manufacture
Date: 2016/05/09 Author: XING Yixiang

“A significant milestone has been achieved, paving the way to the manufacture and test of each Feeder Coil Terminal Box (CTB) outbox and Thermal Shield type.” Michel Huguet, ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Ractor) Senior Technical Consultant, summarized the results of the manufacturing readiness assessment (MRA) of Magnet Feeder Procurement Arrangement (PA). After the MRA, feeder CTB outbox and thermal shield proceeded to manufacture in April.

Since the signature of the magnet feeder Procurement Arrangement (PA) in 2011, the ITER Chinese Domestic Agency and the Institute of Plasma PhysicsHefei Institutes of Physical Science (ASIPP) have been progressing through the qualification phase, fabrication mockups as well as full-scale prototypes for the most critical Feeder components. Following five years’ intense work of design, a MRA meeting was held in ASIPP to assess the supplier’s readiness for the manufacturing of the Feeder CTB outbox and thermal shield.

The panel reviewed supplier’s techniques preparation on mechanical engineering, NDE, welding technology and precise measurement for CTB outbox and thermal shield, and they confirmed that the quality of the manufacturing arrangements was in conformity with the requirements of the Procurement Arrangement.

There are 29 CTB boxes of 12 different types, which are the most heavy and large-scale components in Feeder. The single welding beam, 8m long and 40mm deep, is seldom in common projects and conquered by our supplier, Shanghai Aerospace Equipments Manufacturer (SAEM). The series productions of CTB outbox and thermal shield was set up in April.



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