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AIOFM Joins Hands with YUST to Deepen Cooperation on Environment Monitoring
Date: 2017/03/30 Author: ZHANG Zhirong

Anhui Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics(AIOFM) joins hands with Taiwan Yunlin University of Science and Technology(YUST) to deepen their cooperation on environment monitoring as they has obtained the 2017 International Partnership Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Actually, through years of close bilateral cooperation, , they have achieved good exchanges to address the "under the dome" common environmental pollution issue.

Based on the previous cooperation, they continues to work closely in the 2017 International Partnership Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Given this, In order to understand the pollution sources, AIOFM’s researchers plan to develop ambient gas measurement system based on the advanced laser absorption spectroscopy. And YUST’s members are going to conduct analysis of environmental pollution mechanism, risk-based inspection and quantitative risk assessment.

This project provides technical support and scientific basis to trace the atmospheric pollution source, save energy and reduce emission, improve the efficiency of energy and propel the scientific and technological progress of the two sides.

"I believed that the project will promote the bilateral cooperation on environmental monitoring and make unremitting efforts to protecting ‘the same blue sky’, " said ZHANG Zhirong, associate research fellow of AIOFM.

The purpose of the international Partnership Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences is to carry out substantive cooperation around the specific scientific issues and get the major scientific and technological achievements with first-class scientific research institutions and international organizations (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions) in the form of “Seed Funding”. The project supports 30 projects every year with 3 years period and 1 million yuan.




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