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AIOFM's Scientist Makes Presentation at APHH-Beijing Workshop
Date: 2017/05/02 Author: DUAN Jun

The workshop of Air Pollution and Human Health in a Developing Megacity (APHH-Beijing) was held in London, UK from April 5 to 8, 2017.

At the invitation of Prof. Frank Kelly at King's College London, Dr. DUAN, a researcher in XIE Pinhua’s group at Anhui Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics (AIOFM) delivered an oral presentation entitled ''Observations of reactive nitrogen oxides at IAP site", in which he introduced the latest progress in the research and application of spectroscopic technique along recent years.

In addition, during the workshop, Dr. DUAN talked about experimental data, analysis of the results, the further cooperation and the second Sino-British joint field observation with other experts.

For these years, China’s severe air pollution leaves a serious health risk to inhabitants of cities, leading to reductions in their life expectancy.The Atmospheric Pollution & Human Health in a Chinese Megacity (APHH China) programme aims from to identify the concentrations and sources of urban air pollution in Beijing, to identify how people are exposed, to understand how it affects their health, and to determine what can be done to address it.

Dr. DUAN Jun and his colleague focus on the exact mechanisms in estimating the contribution of HONO and NO3 to the HOx budget and therefore to the whole VOC/NOy/O3 chemistry involved in photochemical pollution.

Besides, they also plan to make further research on the source and loss mechanism of HONO and NO3 combining a variety of measurement techniques BBCEAS, CRD, Lidar, etc.model analysis, to explore the relationship of nitrogen oxides cycle and photochemical pollution, and reveal photochemical reaction characteristics in Beijing.



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