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China's First Unmanned Intelligent Patrol Craft Takes Its Role as Swan Lake Safety Early Warning in Hefei
Date: 2017/07/26 Author:

China’s first unmanned intelligent patrol craft takes its role as lake safety early warning as its first cruise ceremony was held in July, 2017 in Swan Lake which is located in Hefei, the capital of Anhui Province.

According to Anhui CAS-Huacheng Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd. (ZKHC), the unmanned intelligent patrol craft is used for comprehensive safety warning, prevention and controlling of lakes such as Swan Lake, especially for drowning surveillance and rescue.

The core technology and functions of the unmanned intelligent patrol craft including autonomous cruise, automatic obstacle avoidance, target automatic identification, early warning, sky-water-land linkage system, voice driving, sound and light alarm, light guidance, current video transmission, multi-mode remote control, risk assessment, communication link, self-return, underwater detection, grid precise positioning, and so on.

In addition, the comprehensive security control system is one of the main core composition. The system consists of unmanned intelligent patrol craft, shore-based infrared and optical video surveillance systems, unmanned aerial vehicles, high-speed rescue boats, frog emergency teams, urban management patrols, handheld communication terminals, underwater detection and integrated safety monitoring platform.

It is reported that every year someone have drowned in Swan Lake since it was officially opened to the public in 2004. The use of unmanned intelligent patrol craft will play a vital role in the effective control and emergency treatment of drowning accidents.

 unmanned intelligent patrol craft (Image by YU Daoyang)
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