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AIOFM Researchers Visited Kyushu University to Promote International Cooperation
Date: 2017/09/06 Author: MENG Gang

At the invitation of Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering (IMCE), Kyushu University in Japan, Prof. MENG Gang recently visited Kyushu University.

MENG’s main research interests involve semiconductor photodetector and gas detectors. And for long time, he maintains a good cooperation relationship with Yanagida Group in Kyushu University.

During his visit this time, he held a deep discussion with Prof. Yanagida and Assistant Professor Nagashima, during which he introduced the significant progress of AIOFM in various fields of environmental monitoring, excimer laser technologies and perovoskite solar cells.

MENG’s visit this time enhances the established cooperation between Yanagida Group in Kyushu University and Prof. Fang Group in AIOFM. So that both sides agreed to further deepen cooperation in the research area of photodetectors and gas molecules detections, including applying the joint international funds.

Kyushu University is famous as a national comprehensive university. Kyushu University is pioneering in the semiconductor gas sensor in the world. The widely accepted gas sensing principles of metal oxide was proposed by researchers in Kyushu University.

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