ASIPP and TAE Shake Hands to Increase Cooperate in Fusion Technologies
Date: 2018/06/15 Author: XI Yingkun

Institute of Plasma Physics (ASIPP) and TAE Technologies Inc. (TAE) is to increase their cooperate in Fusion Technologies, according to MOU signed on a high-level meeting between the two side, which was held on 1st June in Hefei.

According to the MOU, centered on boosting their cooperation on fusion engineering technology, ASIPP and TAE will be making joint effort on two devices, namely EAST and Norman as well as conducting joint plasma physics simulation, analysis and calculation.

Besides, design and construction of fusion reactor, proton treatment and talent cultivation are also covered in the MOU.

TAE is a private company founded in 1998, which has been devoted to the exploration of fusion energy.

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