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Dr. YANG Meng Wins the 12th ORGANO WATER PRIZE
Date: 2018/08/16 Author: LI Peihua

The final review results of the 12th ORGANO WATER PRIZE were announced at Tongji University, and Dr. YANG Meng, from Institute of Intelligent Machines, Chinese Academy of Sciences, won the second prize.

YANG Meng received his Ph. D. in June 2018. During the doctoral period, he has focused on the important scientific problems in the electrochemical analysis of heavy metal pollutants with the careful guidance of Prof. HUANG Xingjiu on unclear sensitive mechanism, the interference from coexisting pollutants, etc.

The electrochemical behavioral research of sensitive interfaces constructed by Au-based nanocomposites or bimetallic nanostructured materials, were systematically carried out combining with theoretical calculation and advanced synchrotron radiation technology.

"The action mechanism of different forms heavy metal contaminants on the surface of nano-materials is crucial in electrochemical analysis", said Dr. YANG Meng, "I am willing to devote myself to revealing the interaction between electrochemically sensitive interfaces and heavy metal contaminants from the aspects of bond length, coordination number, and adsorption thermodynamics in the further work".

As the first author or corresponding author, he has published 11 SCI papers in the first district of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, such as the journals of Analytical Chemistry, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, etc. His monograph was published by Wiley, Germany. In addition, Dr. YANG Meng has just been approved for the “2018 Postdoctoral Innovation Talent Support Program”.

The ORGANO WATER PRIZE was designed to reward the national graduate students who got outstanding achievements by doing research in the science and technology studies and applications for water quality and water environment. Since the first session was held in 2007, the ORGANO PRIZE has become a well-known brand in the domestic water environment, which is a reflection of the highest level and latest achievements in the field of domestic water environmental science research.

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