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ASIPP Completes its Mission in Cooperation Project with TAE
Date: 2018/12/14 Author: BAO Yu

The Sino-US cooperation project "ICRF Antenna Development Project for LAPD Device" undertaken by ASIPP has been completed as it was checked and accepted by experts from TAE Technologies Inc. (TAE) on the November 14.

LAPD (Large Plasma Research Device) is a linear plasma research device for magnetic confinement fusion of which ICRF antenna is an important part as heating device.

The ICRF antenna undertaken by ASIPP will be used to study the coupling of high-order harmonic fast-wave phased array antenna with plasma and the propagation of wave on LAPD device, which have a great effect on the research of large-scale anti-field position Norman (NORMAN) nuclear fusion device.

During its R&D process, ASIPP meets the overall performance requirements and ensure the advanced technical indicators of key components. All parts design and manufacture have been completed on November 14, 2018. And on the acceptance meeting, TAE experts highly valued the high quality of ICRF antenna.

TAE is a leading global private investment and operation company dedicated to the exploration and development of fusion energy. With the support of Microsoft and Google, the company runs a large-scale NORMAN nuclear fusion device at the National Laboratory level, and cooperates with famous American national laboratories and universities such as UCLA, PPPL, MIT, ORNL and UT.

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