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Plasma Science and Technology Achieves its Highest Ever Impact Factor to 1.193
Date: 2019/06/28 Author: XU Ping

Plasma Science and Technology (PST) is celebrating an 11.5% increase in Impact Factor to 1.193 and a 31.2% increase in Total Citation to 1640, as reported in the 2018 Journal Citation Reports published by Clarivate Analytics. PST editors are thrilled to announce that the Impact Factor of PST is now higher than it has ever been. There has never been a better time to publish in PST to achieve worldwide visibility for your work.

The journal has been extremely well supported by the community, and PST editors would like to take this opportunity to thank the authors, readers and referees of the journal as well as the publishing partners for contributing to the journal's popularity. For examples of the work which has led to such a significant positive result, please see the Highlight collections from 2017 and 2018 below

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