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CFETR Integrated Engineering Design Annual Conference Held in Anhui
Date: 2019/09/29 Author: WU Sha

The annual China Fusion Engineering Experimental Reactor (CFETR) Integrated Engineering Design Conference was held during Sep. 24 to 28. Nearly 900 participants from major fusion research institutions at home and abroad came to Huangshan for this event.

As an indispensable link in the roadmap of Chinese magnetic confinement fusion development and an important step to realize the dream of fusion energy, with the efforts of scientists in related areas, CFETR project and its Integrated Engineering Design have been advancing rapidly in recent years.

At this conference, 8 invited talks, 118 oral talks and 334 posters were presented. Participants discussed the main progress, key issues, and exchanged the opinions about how to promote the project progress efficiently.

Thanks to the experience of operating EAST device and participating in the ITER project, as one important member, Institute of Plasma Physics Chinese Academy of Sciences (ASIPP) carried out CFETR concept and engineering design as well as project pre-research.

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