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PST Named "China's Most Internationally Influential Academic Journal" Again
Date: 2019/12/17 Author: WU Sha

ASIPP Journal Plasma Science and Technology (PST) was awarded the title of “China’s Most International Influential Academic Journal” for 8 consecutive years since 2012 by the Chinese Academic Journals International Citation Annual Report, which was jointly released by China Academic Journals (CD-Rom Edition) Electronic Magazine co. Ltd, China Academic Literature International Evaluation Research Center and Tsinghua University Library.

The Chinese Academic Journals International Citation Annual Report of 2019 calculated the international citation frequency of 6344 academic journals published in China. According to the journals’ international influence index, the TOP academic journals are divided into two categories: the TOP 5% as "China's Most International Influential Academic Journals", and the TOP 5%-10% as "China's Outstanding Academic Journals of International Influence" (175 in natural science and engineering technology, 60 in humanities and social sciences), which has been widely concerned by the domestic periodical circle.

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