Women Scientists from Science Island Honored on International Women's Day
Date: 2021/03/23 Author: ZHAO Weiwei

Congratulations to women scientists on science island!

Many thanks to women for supporting a diverse scientific enterprise. On international women’s day, some of the most accomplished female scientists working on science island are awarded the provincial prize of “Talented Woman”, national prize “Women’s Civilization Post” etc.

The team from Institute of Plasma Physics (ASIPP), Hefei Institutes of Physical Science(HFIPS), focusing on biotechnology development and Application Research of high value functional nutrients and committed to the creation of microbial strains and its industrial development, were awarded the “women’s civilization post”.


With high sense of professionalism and responsibility, the team from Institute of Health and Medical Technology (IHMT), HFIPS, undertaking the clinical experimental research on transforming high-end physical technology into medicine, were awarded the “women’s civilization post”.


Prof. WU Lifang from the Institute of Intelligent Machines, HFIPS, whose research field spans from biochemistry to molecular biology, has dedicated her life to Green agriculture for many years. The Second Granary program proposed by her, relying on science and technology to increase the output of medium- and low-yielding farmland, has invigorated agricultural production and.been an important model of modern agriculture.


Prior to joining HFIPS, Prof. LIU Jing worked at Harvard Medical School. Majoring in medicinal chemistry, now she leads a team focusing on the research of antitumor targeted drugs. They have developed more than 10 preclinical drug candidates against different cancers, and a novel targeted drug for acute myeloid leukemia is currently in clinical trials.


ZHAO Weiwei
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