Experience the Diversity by Having a Culture Tour
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"What can you buy with 50 Ghana Cedi?”
"Actually, we can buy a T-shirt."

"What is that on the left picture? Is that typical food of Ghana?”
"Yes, we eat it usually for lunch and it is really spicy.”
"Well, that would be great. I like spicy food. I come from Sichuan.”

"I have a Chinese friend in our lab. I often invite him to my dorm and I cook the Ghana food for him. He likes Ghana food very much.”
"So, when you cook for your friend, where do you buy the food materials? Can you buy them all at our local markets?”
"Yes, most of them I can buy at the markets in Hefei. But, for this one, I buy the material from Taobao.”

"I have a question. Who will pay for the wedding according to the Sudan tradition?”
"It’s the male side.”

"What does the Sudan Henna Art stand for?”
"That means anyone who has Henna then she or he is married.”

"Ok, let’s move to our next session, have a tour to the Chinese culture, particularly Chinese tea culture.”
"Wow, we are looking forward to it.”

"One, two, three, cheese!”
"Yeah, WE ARE ONE!”

Here comes the hotness from HFIPS’s second international typical event “once HFIPSer, always HFIPSer”.

The Hefei Institutes of Physical Science held its second international typical event “once HFIPSer, always HFIPSer” by preparing the international students and postdoctoral researchers a “horsdoeuvre” of Ghanaian, Sudanese and Chinese cultures.

The activity, named Culture Tour was held on June 24 at Anhui Museum joined by fifteen international HFIPSers and their families. It consists of two sessions, diverse culture sharing and on-site culture tour.

In the diverse culture sharing, two international students Michael Osei Appiah (Ghana) and Rayyan Mohammed Abdelrazig Saidahmed (Sudan) presented the culture and traditions of their home countries with slide report covering almost every aspect of history, geography, society, economy and so on.

Then, the Chinese tea show came up to the stage in which Prof. Wenqian Jiang and her tea science team from Anhui Agriculture University presented how the way of drinking tea changes with history and the perspectives that ancient Chinese people held on tea culture. A special Tea Art Show was set to display visually how do the Chinese people drink tea in a traditional-modern combined way.

After the diverse culture sharing, the attendees had an on-site tour to Anhui Museum to look closely at Anhui history and culture as well as Hui architecture.

"once HFIPSer, always HFIPSer" is a typical event initiated and organized by International Collaboration Division of HFIPS regularly for international HFIPSers in hopes of enriching their experience in China as well as building and keeping close connection with them when they work and live and even leave the Science Island.

Two students from Ghana was inviting audiences to join the tranditional Ghanaian dance in the mid of a presentation about Ghanaian history and culture. (Image by SHENG Xinyuan)

A tea show was performed by Prof and students from Anhui Agriculture University, displaying the elegance of Chinese Culture. (Image by SHENG Xinyuan)

Scholars and Students from Ghana, Sudan, Parkistan etc was taking a tour in the Anhui Museum, with guide introducing the 5000 years history of China from primitive age and bonze age (Image by SHENG Xinyuan)


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