Happy Teachers' Day
Date: 2021/09/10 Author:

Today is national teachers’ day.

No matter where we are in life, a teacher influences us.

HFIPS is also where the Science Island Branch of Graduate School, USTC located. It offers program Physics, Chemistry, Life Science, Engineering Science etc. for graduated students. All the graduates and PhD students will have a lab research work at HFIPS from the second year after a one-year study of general and basic course at USTC. After gaining all the credits ang meeting requirements, the students will earn degree from the USTC.

Now, HFIPS has a group of 469 HFIPSers being supervisors in 38 master and doctor programs to guide students at the early research carrer. They scientists and teachers.

Happy teachers’ day to them all!


ZHAO Weiwei
Hefei Institutes of Physical Science (http://english.hf.cas.cn/)
Email: annyzhao@ipp.ac.cn

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