Consul for Science and Technology from CGFRG in Shanghai Visits HFIPS
Date: 2021/09/28 Author: ZHOU Shu

Richard CUNTZ, consul for Science and Technology, Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany (CGFRG) in Shanghai, paid visit to HFIPS in this beautiful season of Science Island.

SONG Yuntao, vice president of HFIPS, showed him research work on science island in ENVIRONMENT, ENERGY, MATERIAL, INFORMATION, HEALTH and global partnering, after which Richard CUNTZ had a tour at EAST and SHMFF (Both are scientific facilities that HFIPS operates) to see how mega scientific facility plays an important role in science exploration and technology development. Richard CUNTZ paid a tour visit to Testing Laboratory for Energy Efficiency and Safety of High-Voltage Components in New Energy Vehicles which was build late August under collaboration with German corporation, TüV Rheinland Greater China.

Richard CUNTZ, consul for Science and Technology was greeted by SONG Yuntao, vice president of HFIPS.

Richard CUNTZ visited CRAFT (Comprehensive Research Facility for Fusion Technology), EAST (the Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak ), SHMFF (Steady High Magnet Field Facility) and a collbarated Sino-German Testing Laboratory.


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