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Chinese Researchers Publish An Invited Review Article in Journal of Materials Chemistry A
Date: 2017/03/02 Author: LI Xuexue; LIN Xirong

Chinese researchers Prof. HUANG Xingjiu and Asso. Prof. LIU Jinyun et al. at Institute of Intelligent Machines (IIM), Hefei Institutes of Physical Science were invited to jointly publish an review on energy storage material in Journal of Materials Chemistry A, which is one of top international authoritative journal in the field of materials chemistry.

In their review, high-energy density lithiumion battery research are summarized comprehensively, especially the 3D graphene-based nanocomposite electrodes which exhibit large energy density, high capacity, and good rate performance.

High energy density Li-ion batteries are greatly applicable in energy storage, say, electric vehicles. The two authors present the latest research findings on electrode nanocomposites consisting of 3D graphene and electrochemically active materials.

It is demonstrated that the 3D graphene within the nanocomposites is able to provide conductive 3D network, improve the transfer of Li+ ion and charge and accommodate the structure and volume change during lithiation-delithiation.

The researchers also pointed out the following research directions. They thought, the research focal point of next generation high energy density batteries lies in the preparation of 3D graphene-based battery/supercapacitor hybrid devices, 3D graphene cooperating with high voltage cathode materials, increasing the tap density and capacity performance of electrode materials for practical applications; a well compatible electrolyte to match the electrode system, especially for the system working at a high voltage.

This work is supported by the Natural Science Foundation of China(#21475133、U1532123、21277146、661573334).

Link to the paper: Three-dimensional graphene-based nanocomposites for high energy density Li-ion batteries

Figure. Schematic diagram of graphene (left) and SEM images of 3D graphene-based Li-ion battery cathode

(Image by LIU Jinyun)




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