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China Completes the First ITER Magnet Component
Date: 2017/07/28 Author: DONG Shaohua

China completed the first ITER magnet component-cryostat feeder through for PF4, which is developed by Institute of Plasma Physics, (ASIPP) Hefei Institutes of Physical Science, CAS and will be delivered to ITER international organization in August, 2017.

More than forty scientists and engineers witnessed the milestone on morning of July 26th. Bernard Bigot, the director-general of ITER, sent his "warmest and heartfelt congratulations" to the "single team" of ITER IO, CNDA and ASIPP.

Arnard Devred, section leader of ITER IO magnet division, making 53 trips in ten years in his “journey to the East”, voiced his "great sense of pride" in the success at the ceremony.

During the production, joint efforts were made by teams of ITER Organization, Chinese Domestic Agency, ASIPP and its suppliers to overcome world-class technical difficulties.

The joint resistance of the cartridge high current carrying and low loss joint for superconducting wire developed has reached 0.2 nΩ, representing world leading level and will greatly mitigate risks and prevent deleterious incidents during ITER operation.

Weighing over 1,600 tons and having more than 60,000 parts, this magnet feeder system consists of 31 different feeders, each having 30~50 meters long. The design of the 10,000-ampere level HTS current lead that features the advantages of high current carrying capacity, low heat load and long Loss of flow accident safety time will greatly reduce the operation cost and the investment for the cryogenic system.

This is only the beginning of the feeder production, just as Bernard Bigot wrote, but a "good sign".

the completion ceremony on the morning of July 26th (Image by the ASIPP team)

the first ITER magnet component-cryostat feeder through for PF4 (Image by ASIPP team)



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