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EAST Team to Manufacture High Power VHF Amplifier for ASDEX Upgrade Fusion Facility
Date: 2020/12/04 Author: WU Sha

EAST team will manufacture a new 2MW High Power VHF Amplifier for ASDEX Upgrade, which is a  tokamak device operated by Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics (IPP), in the coming 3 years, according to a contract signed recently between Institute of Plasma Physics (ASIPP), Hefei Institutes of Physical Science (HFIPS) and IPP, Germany.

This component to be manufactured is for heating the plasma in ASDEX Upgrade device. The high power VHF Amplifiers currently in IPP were constructed in 1980s. To replace the aged amplifier, IPP set up a global bidding for purchasing a new one.

It took the team more than one year working on the bidding process and finally they won the bid with their rich experience in designing, manufacturing, and operating at least 8 sets of high-power VHF amplifiers.


ZHAO Weiwei
Hefei Institutes of Physical Science (http://english.hf.cas.cn/)
Email: annyzhao@ipp.ac.cn



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