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Prof. Greene and Larbalestie from NHMFL Visit CHMFL
Date: 2016/05/18 Author: ZHANG Fengping

Prof. Laura H Greene, Chief Scientist at National High Field Magnet Laboratory (NHMF), and David Larbalestier, Director of Applied Superconductivity Center of NHMF from the United States visited High Magnetic Field Laboratory (CHMFL) on May 8th-9th, 2016.

During their visit, Professor Greene presented a talk entitled "High-Temperature Superconductivity: from history to mystery". She comprehensively introduced the development of high-temperature superconducting (HTS) materials over a hundred years as well as the future prospective in HTS. Prof. David Larbalestier gave a talk entitled: "the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory HTS conductor and magnet R & D Program", in which he introduced the work and experiences of his team and other scientists & technicians in NHMFL in the application of high temperature superconductor and the development of superconducting magnets.

The two visitors were very impressed by the laboratory tour, especially the facilities and measuring instruments developed independently by the staff members in CHMFL, e.g. the resistive magnets with advanced magnetic fields in the world and the three-in-one microscope SMA (STM-MFM-AFM) etc. To the image produced by the Scanning Tunneling Microscope installed on WM4 (the 27T water cooling resistive magnet), which overcomes so much harsh conditions such as vibration, noise and so on, Professor Green exclaimed, "It's amazing!”

During the discussion, Prof. KUANG Guangli, director of CHMFL and other scientists introduced the latest progress in facility construction and scientific research in these years. Two Professors shared their academic experiences with Chinese colleagues. As a well-known international academic journal editor and editor in chief, Professor Greene also provided some suggestions to researchers for papers publication on high level academic journals.

 Seminar by Prof. David (Image by ZHANG Fengping)

Seminar by Prof. Greene (Image by ZHANG Fengping)

Discussion (Image by ZHANG Fengping)

laboratory tour (Image by ZHANG Fengping)

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