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Researchers from Chiba University of Japan Visit AIOFM
Date: 2017/04/06 Author: WAGN Zhenzhu

Recently, Prof. Tamio Takamura and Prof. Takano Toshiaki from the Chiba University of Japan visited the center of atmosphere optics of Anhui Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics(AIOFM).

To ensure high quality of measurements, the instruments in the Skyradiometer Network(SKYNET) Hefei site were calibrated routinely by Prof. Takamura.

At the meanwhile, he guided the process of the validation for the sky-radiometer. After that Prof. Takamura and Chinese researchers discussed in details the measurement results, which helps in further investigation and data analysis in the future.

During their visit, Prof. Toshiaki gave a report titled “Introduction of the High resolution Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave(FMCW) Cloud Profiling Doppler Radar FALCON-I, FALCON-A?” in which the latest cloud detection technique by Radar in advance was introduced.

After the seminal, they attended the lidar lobby in the center of atmosphere optics, and discussed with researchers in AIOFM on the cooperation in the near future.

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