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Professor CHEN Xuegeng Visited Institute of Intelligent Machine
Date: 2018/04/19 Author: LIU Liu

On the morning of April 5, Prof. CHEN Xuegeng, member of Chinese Academy of Engineering visited Institute of Intelligent Machine, or IIM with the invitation of Prof. WANG Rujing, the director of IIM.

In the academic report section, Prof. CHEN presented his research findings and the development and prospect of modern agriculture in the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps.

According to CHEN’s report, agricultural development of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, or Corps has a long history and experienced nearly ten dynasties, starting from the Western Han Dynasty. It was formally established in 1954.

At present, crop area of the Corps covers 15,000 square meters, using automatic machinery cultivation management and the satellite navigation autopilot technology is applied to over 2,000 tractors. The automatic machinery has been almost achieved in Planting in Daejeon, field management and even harvesting. Besides, the precision agriculture of the Corps is also being developed.

Prof. CHEN said Xinjiang's modern agriculture is also facing the bottleneck in its development. Firstly, thirty-year residues of plastic film have seriously polluted farmland and polluted the environment. So how to treat farmland film residues and how to recycle. Secondly, they need to use degradable film to reduce production costs in farmland. Thirdly, the research efforts on new type of residual film recycling machinery should be increased. Fourthly, in the context that corps farm has more than 30 million mu of cotton, there are contradictory contradictions in the use of cotton mechanical harvesting and degradable membranes. These technical problems have yet to be solved by scientific and technical experts.

Director WANG spoke highly of the outstanding contribution made by Academician CHEN in the Corps research and mechanical devices for decades and he was very inspired after hearing the report.

"The researches in IIM are based on various types of sensors, wearable robots, smart detection, intelligent agricultural machinery, smart agriculture and other fields of research with abundant findings." said Director WANG

IIM is willing to cooperate with the technical staff of the Corps to seize a few typical problems to tackle these problems.

Firstly, the technology of unmanned combat vehicles for agricultural machinery of tractorless tractors can be used to realize the automation of agricultural machinery.

Then, by using agricultural film recycling, researchers can grab residue film by visual and intelligent gripper cooperation technology.

Next, degradable plastic film can be utilized to achieve Rehabilitation of soil, in which the compound polymer materials developed by CAS can be used as reference.

Fourthly, the country deploys Modern Agricultural Demonstration Area in the Yellow River Delta that CAS participates actively, in which the Corps and IIM can jointly apply for related research topics such as unmanned farms, etc.

The technology in the research project in the development plan of the New Rural Information Research Center of CAS can be studied such as Precision Agriculture Internet, Sky-Earth Integration, Hulunbeier Precision Fertilization, Soil composition testing, Gansu Supply and Marketing Co., Ltd. World Bank Loan Project, Ningxia wolfberry picking, Pest and disease intelligent identification and automatic counting technology and so on. These are all recent scientific research achievements and can be promoted as high-tech achievements.

After the technical exchanges and seminars, both of them believe that there is a huge space for cooperation. Several specific operational projects can be selected for cooperation to realize the achievements of scientific research in the promotion of the Corps as soon as possible to help the development of modern agriculture by scientific research and technology.

Prof. CHEN and his team also visited the relevant laboratories. LIU Shanwen, Director of the Office, SONG Quanjun, Director of the Research Office, and SUN Bingyu, Deputy Director of the Research Office participated in the event.



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