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Professor Tokési from Nuclear Research Institute, Hungarian Academy of Sciences Visited the Institute of Solids State Physics
Date: 2018/05/17 Author: LI Yonggang

Prof. Tokési of the Nuclear Research Institute, Hungarian Academy of Sciences visited the Institute of Solid State Physics and gave an academic report entitled "Cross-section modelling for Beam Emission Spectroscopy - Classical treatment" on May 3, 2018.

The report mainly presents the process of ionization, capture and excitation in ion-atom and ion-molecule collisions by using the classical trajectory Monte Carlo method.

Based on this, Prof. Tokési has calculated the interaction scattering cross section between charged particles, charged particles and atoms in nuclear fusion plasma. The results can quantitatively agree with the experiments.

This report lasted for more than two hours with substantial content, detailed explanation and broadened listeners' cognition of classical Monte Carlo calculation methods and experimental particle scattering methods.

Prof. Tokési has been engaged in the classical Monte Carlo simulations of electron-atom, electron-ion and ion-atom collisions, electron optics and electron energy spectra perennial.

At present, a series of important research results have been obtained in the interactions between charged ions and material surfaces, the collision of laser-atom, laser-molecule collisions and the singular particles using Monte Carlo simulations.

He has participated in writing 3 book chapters and published more than 500 academic papers in PRL, PRA, PRB and nuclear related journals with an h-index of 28.

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