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Prof. CHEN Weidong from Université du Littoral Cote d’Opale visit AIOFM
Date: 2018/09/12 Author: LIU Kun

In August 2018, Prof. CHEN Weidong from Université du Littoral Cote d’Opale visited AIOFM for a one-month cooperative reseach, at the invitation of Prof. Xiaoming Gao.

On August 28, Prof. CHEN Weidong gave a lecture entitled "Recent progress in photonic sensing of climate-relevant species by absorption spectroscopy".

In the lecture, Prof. CHEN Weidong overview recent progress in photonic sensing of climate-relevant atmospheric species, using highly sensitive spectroscopic techniques.

He introduced sensitive detection of HO2-RO2 radicals, NO2, N2O5 and black carbon, using broadband cavity enhanced absorption spectroscopy, faraday rotation spectroscopy and photoacoustic spectroscopy.

The potential of spectroscopic measurement techniques applied to field campaigns and in smog chamber to challenge scientific questions were discussed.

Dozens of researchers and graduate students gathered to attend the Prof. CHEN Weidong's academic lecture and conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions.

After the meeting, Prof. CHEN Weidong conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions with researchers on further in-depth collaboration in the future.

Prof. CHEN Weidong is a full Professor of Physics at the Université du Littoral Cote d’Opale (ULCO) in France. His current research interests include developments and applications of photonic instrumentation (based on QCL, LED or optical parametric source) for optical metrology of atmospheric species: Trace gases (concentration, isotope ratios) and aerosols (optical properties). He has authored/co- authored more than 160 peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals, conference proceedings and books.

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