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Professor Idaku Ishii from Hiroshima University Visits Institute of Intelligent Machines
Date: 2019/05/08 Author: XU Ziqiang

On April 28th, Prof. ISHII Idaku from Hiroshima University visited Institute of Intelligent Machines(IIM), CAS, at Dr. NIE Yuman's invitation, Director of Robotics Sensor Laboratory of IIM. Prof. ISHII Idaku gave a lecture entitled High-Speed Vision Tracking with Deep Intelligence and over 40 researchers and graduate students attended, including Professor REN Jie from Shanghai University of Sport, SONG Quanjun, Director of Office of Scientific Research Projects of IIM, and SONG Bo, Vice Director of Robotics Sensor Laboratory of IIM.

In his lecture, Prof. ISHII introduced several high-speed vision systems with intelligent tracking. He showed how high-speed vision combined ultrafast optomechatronic devices and deep intelligent processing for real-world applications such as high-speed targets detection, tracking and zooming at a distance. Professor ISHII answered questions from audiences and they had a in-depth discussion. After the lecture, he visited the Robotics Sensor Laboratory.

Prof. ISHII has been working closely with IIM since he became a special researcher of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2011. He has visited the IIM for many times, and has given great help in cooperative research and equipment development. Prof. ISHII and IIM plan to promote joint development in sports in the future and enhance further cooperation in personnel training and academic exchanges.

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