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Dr. HU Qiaoyun from University of Lille Visit AIOFM
Date: 2019/07/23 Author: YAN Jing

At the invitation of Prof. HONG Jin, the director of Center of Optical Remote Sensing, Anhui Institute Of Optics And Fine Mechanics (AIOFM), Dr. Hu Qiaoyun from Atmospheric Optical Laboratory, University of Lille, visited the Center of Optical Remote Sensing of AIOFM on June 29.

At the meeting , Dr. HU Qiaoyun made an academic report with title “Detection of aerosols using atmospheric lidar”, to introduce the working principle and characteristics of Raman Lidar.

She explained the inversion method of atmospheric aerosol optics and microphysical parameters using lidar, and explained the method of scientific evaluation of inversion error. And she conducted research on the detection of mixed aerosols, methane and pollutants in dust and biomass burning on the edge of the Sahara Desert, France and China.

Finally, Dr. HU Qiaoyun and our researchers had a common discussion with Lidar application, atmospheric parameter inversion error and instrument observation error relationship.

This visit is expected to build a well-built international research and development platform, that has laid the foundation for the development of relevant cooperation research work in the future.

Dr. Hu Qiaoyun, Postdoctoral , Atmospheric Optical Laboratory, University of Lille, France. Mainly engaged in M-Raman lidar to detect atmospheric aerosols, clouds and trace gases, and joint inversion studies of lidar and solar photometer data. He has published 6 papers by Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, Atmospheric Measurement and Technique, Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer, etc. by the first author or co-author.

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