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Institute of Applied Technology is an innovative research unit of Hefei Institutes of Physical Science (HIPS), Chinese Academy of Sciences, with the goal to promote application of scientific & technological achievements of HIPS and development of strategic emerging industries in Hefei. It is built, under the new environment of ‘Three Faces’ and ‘The First Action Plan’ in Chinese Academy of Sciences, by combining competitive industries of 9 institutions of HIPS and technology transfer services platform of Anhui Technology Engineering Institute for Recycling Economy.

Based on professional characteristics disciplines and technology original innovations, Institute of Applied Technology aims to investigate novel industrial technologies with significant potential applications. By training high level creative talents and attracting other talents worldwide, we hope to explore a research mechanism with market demand oriented and become a first-class innovation platform for applied technology.

Technology and Engineering Research Center of Advanced Materials focuses on energy saving materials, polymer nanocomposites, functional nano-powder materials and other advanced materials and related products, with the objective to overcome a number of critical and cutting-edge technical problems, promote engineering and commercial applications of scientific and technological achievements, break through the technical bottleneck and institutional restriction of industrial development and realize leapfrog development of advanced materials industry.

Intelligent Vehicle Technology Research Center, in order to meet the high-tech automotive industry demands, focuses on unmanned combat platforms, intelligent vehicle technologies and active safety product. The main objective is to break through various technical problems, including multi-source information sensing technology in complex environments, intelligent decision-making technique of dynamic scenes, intelligent control technology with high speed, target recognition of unmanned combat platform in war, information combination, communication mode, design and integration technology of vehicle active safety products.

Applied Technology of Optoelectronics Research Center carries out research in biomedical optics and tobacco testing methods, technology and testing equipment in order to realize the industrialization of technology. Based on Anhui Engineering Research Center of biomedical optical instruments and Emerging Industrial Technology Development Center of WanJang, the center will explore the effective transformation model and mechanism, and built a research and transformation platform and talent training base with leading technology and excellent outcomes in biomedical optics. Besides, with the contact to departments in tobacco research, quality control and standardization and the cooperation with tobacco companies, we will explore tobacco

Institute of Technical Biology and Agriculture Engineering, Hefei Institutes of Physical Science, CAS, which was founded in July 2011, located in the beautiful science island of Hefei, Anhui.

The institute is committed to the theory research, technology development and application in cross areas of physical science technology, biology and agriculture. It focuses on three major areas of work: irradiation technology and irradiation physical chemistry, ion beam bioengineering and environmental toxicology and security.

There are laboratory of Irradiation Apparatus and Physical Biology, laboratory of Radiation Biology and Environmental Toxicology, laboratory of Microorganism Bioprocess, laboratory of Plant Genetic Engineering, laboratory of Environmental Materials and other research divisions under the institute. Its research team which composed of an interdisciplinary background of biology, physics, chemistry and materials are cooperated and innovated. The institute establishes the low energy ion beam cells modification device which won the second prize in the national technical progress competition, Key laboratory of ion beam bioengineering of CAS and Anhui, and National engineering fermentation technology research center (more).

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