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"You have a bright future!"
    Date:2013.06.18      |    Author:DONG Shaohua and WU Sha      |     Clicks:     |     Print     |     Close     |     Text Size: A A A
"You have a bright future," said Dr. Mitsuru Kikuchi, to a roomful of young researchers, when he gave first lecture about SSTR, AT operation and MHD issues of steady state tokamak research on Monday, May 13 at ASIPP. 
   As a senior researcher of fusion research and development, Dr. Kikuchi spares no efforts in sharing his research experience and management life at JT-60U with young generation. With that, he expounded the related topics of steady-state tokamak in engineering, physics and technology levels.
   In his lecture, Dr. Kikuchi introduced the current status of fusion energy. He pointed out that the significant progress benefited by fundamental disciplines was made in fusion physics. He also mentioned that the present civilization by fossil energy would end in a “moment”, and in that case we should make the best use of fusion’s merit as energy source. On that basis, Dr. Kikuchi brought up the current situation of international fusion research and considered that China would have a “bright future” in that area.
   This lecture was a beginning of a lecture series. During his visit at ASIPP, Dr. Kikuchi has held four lectures in all. Those lectures covered the main issues of steady state tokamak research, including SSTR, AT operation and MHD issues; parallel and perpendicular transport; power and particle handing; physics and technology varidation at JAEA.
   When giving those lectures, Dr. Kikuchi looked forward to the future prospect of fusion research and attached great importance to China’s development.
Dr. Mitsuru Kikuchi

(Image by ASIPP) 

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