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A3 Calls
    Date:2013.06.18      |    Author:ZHOU Ruijie      |     Clicks:     |     Print     |     Close     |     Text Size: A A A
From May 19 to 24, the third academic meeting of A3 Foresight Program on “Critical Physics Issues Specific to Steady State Sustainment of High-Performance Plasmas”, which involves research institutions of three Asia countries ( China, Japan, Korea, A3 for short), was held in Beijing, China.
The opening ceremony was presided by Prof. Liqun Hu, Chinese principal researcher. Professor Jiangang Li, director of Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, gave a warm welcome speech. Ms. Yinglan Zhang, director of Division of Asia and Africa Affairs, Bureau of International Cooperation, National Natural Science Foundation of China delivered a keynote speech, and approved the current progress of the project.
95 participants from 3 countries attended the meeting, more than half of them are Ph.D students. During the meeting, participants gave 70 reports in all, which focused on the topics of current drive and profile control, transport of edge and divertor plasmas, stability of edge plasma, interaction between energetic particle and bulk plasma, and experimental and theoretical study in other magnetically confined fusion devices.
Those reports contained the latest achievements in physics research and the status of system upgrade of the main magnetic confined fusion devices in A3 countries, especially the progress of the key diagnostic systems.
Lots of reports gave results on the physics of MHD instability in plasma, including the fundamental research on MHD physics, sawtooth control, the effect of impurity on MHD instability, and so on. In addition, many reports focused on the high energy particle physics and the transport of impurity in plasma.
At the same time, in order to encourage the active participation of young scientists and promote their growth, one-day academic forum was arranged. Young researchers from three countries discussed and communicated with each other ardently on issues of interest; and they got lots of valuable guidance and advice from senior scientists.
As a conclusion, Professor Shigeru Morita, Japanese PI, disclosed the collaborative web page for A3 Foresight Program; Professor Yeong-Kook Oh, Korean PI, announced the next A3 meeting at Korea.
This was the first academic meeting for A3 Foresight Program on “Critical Physics Issues Specific to Steady State Sustainment of High-Performance Plasmas” to be held in China since it was approved in July 2012. This meeting is to summarize the first year’s academic achievements of this five-year collaborative program, and to lay a solid foundation for further development.

Prof. Jiangang Li, director of Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, gave the warm welcome speech.

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