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Reviewing ITER Feeder HTSCL Mock-up Manufacture
    Date:2013.11.18      |    Author:LI Jun      |     Clicks:     |     Print     |     Close     |     Text Size: A A A

 In mid October, the 12th HTS WG meeting was held in Hefei, China. Experts from ITER (France), NIFS (Japan), Southampton University (UK) assembled in ASIPP for reviewing and discussing about manufacture and testing of FEEDER HTSCL TF& CC HTSCL MOCK-UP. 

Accomplishment of Feeder HTSCL Mock-up manufacture means that many critical and tricky problems faced by Feeder HTSCL have been conquered, such as machining and assembling of high-preciseness HEX CORE and HONED TUBE, high-quality and stable vacuum brazing, EBW, pressure welding, stably soldered joint with low contact resistance. In order to obtain high quality, ASIPP has conducted considerable research work, process qualifications and testing. In April 2013, HPs were cleared, mockups manufacture was launched. After five months, mockup manufacture was finished with QC records-delivered. 

During the meeting, experts inquired of details of mockup manufacture and testing, and checked manufacture tools and finished mockups. Mockup production paves the way for subsequent Prototype manufacture. 

The 12th HTS WG meeting  


Visit the finished HTSCL Mock-up 

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