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Dr. CAO Mingshu from Crown Research Institute of New Zealand visited ITB
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DrCAOMingshu, Senior Scientist from Crown Research Institute of New Zealand, was invited to visit Institute of Technical Biology and agriculture engineering(ITB) on May.22,2014. 

Dr. CAO presented a talk entitled “Omics of Non-Model Species -- Opportunities and Challenges”. He firstly outlined the problems of Omics in multilevel research of non-model plants, and then suggested that metabolomics can solve certain problems even without genomic information. He also gave an introduction on the working principle of metabolomics, data extraction, normalization and statistical analysis based on his experience on metabolomics and transcriptomics. His lecture displayed that metabolomics is a powerful tool in the present biological research.

After the presentation, Dr. CAO answered the questions involved in the talk. In the afternoon, he listened to the work report of the students from ITB and gave some helpful comments. He is very interested in the bioenergy plant research and expressed strong desire for bilateral co-operation .

Dr. CAO Mingshu is now a senior scientist employed by Crown Research Institute of New Zealand. He obtained his Master and Ph.D degree from University of Missouri-Columbia, USA and worked as post doctor there from 2001-2004. He has been woking on metabolomics for more than 10 years, focusing on properties and regulations of molecular networks underlying complex traits. He designed a software, iontree: Data management and analysis of ion trees from ion-trap mass spectrometry. (a BioConductor package in R and Java) and published more than 20 articles on Metabolites, Plant Physiology etc.

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