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AIOFM Sponsored by the Develop Project of Foreign Experts Recruitment Program in Anhui Province Again
    Date:2015.07.20      |    Author:Hui WEN      |     Clicks:     |     Print     |     Close     |     Text Size: A A A

Anhui Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs released the experts list of the Recruitment Program of Foreign Experts in Anhui Province, 2015. Prof. Xuebin WANG, nominated by Prof. Wei HUANG from the Research Center for Basic Science, AIOFM, has been sponsored. This is the second time for AIOFM approved by the same project.

Recruitment Program of Foreign Experts, starting in 2012, is aiming to introduce the international science and technology leading talents and high level foreign experts. The program consists of two parts: the Recruitment Program of Foreign Experts and the Develop Project of Foreign Experts Recruitment Program. The latter requires the experts in promotion of enterprise technology, management level, key discipline construction, personnel training, as well as create the conditions for the backup talents cultivation.

Prof. Xuebin WANG is currently a scientist in Physical Sciences Division at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA. He receives international recognition for his outstanding work in the field of cluster chemistry and molecular dynamics. He has written or contributed to hundreds of peer-reviewed publications in the famous journals, such as Science, Nature, and PNAS.. He designed and constructed a new apparatus: a temperature-controlled, electrospray- photoelectron spectrometer, being the first-of-its-kind in the world. His has been devoted to a microscopic understanding of condensed phase phenomena in the gas phase through variety cluster models, especially for the hydration of the multiply charged complex anions. He observed the transition from molecular species to bulk system, including the formation of environmentally relevant molecular clusters, their chemical and physical properties, and reactivities.

The evolution progress from clusters to aerosol is a frontier field of the atmospheric environmental science, and also one of the important developing directions of Hefei Institutes of Physical Science. It is promising that the collaboration with Prof. Xuebin WANG, will expand the use of  the state-of-art instruments and facilities at AIOFM and implement and foster a series of studies focusing on understanding of chemical and physical processes in clusters and aerosols. It is extremely important to exchange expertise, ideas, and increase knowledge in aerosol chemistry, and new areas in Atmospheric physical chemistry.

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