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Brief Introduction to the Program ''Einstein Professor of CAS''

The purposes of the "Einstein Professor" Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) are to enhance the training of strategic science and technology experts and talented senior scientific leaders, to strengthen Chinese scientists' contacts and exchanges with top scientists throughout the world, to introduce front-line scientific concepts and ideas, to help in the development of new disciplinary fields, and to raise innovation among Chinese scientific and technological researchers.

  Concept of Plan

  The program plans to invite annually about 10 top science and technology experts to spend an academic visit of 1 to 2 weeks in the CAS. Invited scientist should be leaders in their respective fields, and may include recipients of, or contenders for, major international science awards (e.g. Nobel, Wolf, Turing, Tyler prize), and are active in their respective scientific disciplines.

  An Einstein professor of CAS will be invited to present a public lecture to be organized by the CAS on the current frontiers of science and developing trends.

  An Einstein professor of CAS will be invited to visit at least two institutes, located in different geographic areas, to carry on scientific consultations with Chinese colleagues. The academic visit will focus on the following aspects: to preside at an interdisciplinary workshop, to identify scientific research investigations, to generate discussions with graduate students, to offer comments and suggestions for the institute's future development, to offer guidance for the ongoing research work,and to exchange ideas about how to enhance training of talented scientists through collaborative programs. The academic activity will constitute the principal aim of the visit.

  The home institute, university or research unit of an Einstein professor of CAS will reach an agreement and sign an "Agreement on Collaboration" that includes hosting of a repatriate of CAS scholars. The host research institute of CAS will designate one or two researchers to go to a counterpart laboratory and make an academic return visit for 1-3 months(can be prolonged to 6 months),and the expenses of the return visit will be borne by the CAS.


  The Planning Organization Committee of the "Einstein Professor of Chinese Academy of Sciences" will include the President of CAS and Vice Presidents who will serve as Chairman and Vice Chairmen of the Planning Organization Committee respectively. The Office of the Planning Organizing Committee will be established at the Bureau of Personnel and Education of CAS and will be responsible for administrative work.

  Approval of Project

  In the each second half year, project information for the next year will be issued, and a research institute of the CAS will be in charge of the project submission. A project will then be approved at the end of each year. Eligible scientists are welcome to negotiate their participation in the project with the relevant institute of the CAS prior to each July.


  The CAS will arrange for special funding in support of this program. The funds will be used for international travel (business-class) expenses for the visiting scientist (and spouse), per diem expenses to cover board, lodging and domestic communications during the visit, and an honorarium (USD2000) for academic talk.



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