Internaitonal Scholars Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with a Visit to Hefei Garden Expo Park

Oct 07, 2023 | By ZHAO Weiwei

In anticipation of the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival, a group of international scholars from HFIPS visited Hefei Garden Expo Park to immerse themselves in Chinese culture and partake in the festivities.

During their visit, the scholars enjoyed a variety of traditional performances, including theatrical shows, ancient martial arts demonstrations, and the mesmerizing Chinese tea-picking dance. These activities allowed them to experience the essence of Chinese traditional culture and the vibrant atmosphere of the festival.

The park features on 38 distinct urban gardens, each highlighting the unique characteristics of different cities. From the floral displays of Kunming Garden to the majestic mountains in Chongqing Garden, and even the presence of pandas and Sichuan hot pot in Chengdu Garden, visitors were captivated by the diverse features representing various cities. The scholars thoroughly enjoyed their time exploring these remarkable exhibits and indulging in the distinctive experiences offered.

The Hefei International Garden Expo was officially opened on Sept. 26, 2023. The 3.23-square-kilometer area, which used to be Hefei Luogang airport, has now been transformed into the world's largest urban park. Some of the airport’s distinctive elements were retained and been integrated into the Garden Expo. It transformed the original terminal building into an urban construction pavilion, kept the 3-kilometer airport runway, and created the Dream Great Lawn.

During their visit, international scholars expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival at Hefei Garden Expo Park. They were deeply impressed by the cultural richness displayed throughout the park.

This event is part of the WE ARE ONE culture exploring activities organized by International Collaboration Division of HFIPS. It allows international experts on Science Island to learn more about the Chinese culture.


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