CRAFT on the Way

May 24, 2022 | By ZHAO Weiwei

Over three years have passed since the Comprehensive Research Facility for Fusion Technology (CRAFT) started on December 14, 2018 its site infrastructure construction. Now we are happy to see its completion.

The site infrastructure, actually a complex with labs, factories and user instruments, covers an area of around 400 thousand square meters. It is to provide a space for scientific daily work, administration and supportive operation.

For the facility itself still under construction, CRAFT, when completed, is to be a comprehensive testbench with reactor relevant parameters and multiple functions supporting the world’s magnetic fusion research in terms of testing for magnets, heating systems, divertor and other important materials.

Just as fusion research work that needs global collaboration, CRAFT will be open to the world's fusion community.

Birdview of the Comprehensive Research Facility for Fusion Technology (CRAFT) at night

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