The 9th EAST IAC Meeting held in ASIPP

Oct 29, 2021 | By ZHAO Weiwei

The 9th international advisory committee meeting of EAST started on Oct.20 and continued to 22th. This visual meeting included 19 IAC members from more than 6 countries such as USA, EU, Russia, Japan and scientists from ISSP who have been conducting experiment on EAST.

Doc. Tony Donné, was the chairman. He was also the chairman of European Consortium for Development of Fusion Energy, EUROfusion.

The opening speech was made by LI jiangang, academician of CAS, Prof. HU jiansheng, Deputy Director-General of ASIPP. He introduced ASIPP Fusion Research strategy and the response of ISSP to EAST IAC 2019 reports. Other reports are focusing on MHD & ELM control, Steady-state Scenario Development Towards Future Fusion Devices, Divertor and PFCs Technology for High Performance SSO etc.
IAC members evaluated EAST progress and its future plan to address key issues for steady-state advanced high-performance H-mode plasmas.

This meeting, held as scheduled after a major upgrade of the machine, stands out in EAST development considering the uncertainty of pandemic.

The International Advisory Committee meeting of EAST is held every two years since 2009, which aims to review EAST research progress and give a comprehensive report.



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