A Tour to the Dinning Places on Science Island

May 11, 2022 | By ZHAO Weiwei

As the old saying goes in China, "food is the first necessity of the people." Chinese people take the three meals a day as very important part of life. 

Here is what we present you on science island. With four dinning halls scattered in different places in campus, you can find a convenient place to go and enjoy a variety of Chinese food, ranging from spicy SICHUAN hotpot, sweet and sour chicken chunks, different tastes of rice and noodles, Chinese bread food, egg tart, cake, salad, which meet different needs for people from different places.

Follow us and find your favorite.

several dinning places offer choice for buffet. (Image by ZHAO Weiwei)

Crawfish in season is an extra option from May. (Image by ZHAO Weiwei)

Hotpot in different styles (Image by ZHAO Weiwei)

Sausage are favored by people from south of China. (Image by ZHAO Weiwei)

Chicken wings made in a special way. (Image by ZHAO Weiwei)

Letteces were cut into pieces before cooking. (Image by ZHAO Weiwei)

A staff was taking food out from steamer. (Image by ZHAO Weiwei)


Chinese bread with meat or vegetables inside can be shaped into different sizes. (Image by ZHAO Weiwei)

a chef was checking egg tarts, which were popular among kids. (Image by ZHAO Weiwei)   

Cooks are busy the whole day. (Image by ZHAO Weiwei)

 Dishes for lunch are ready on 10am. (Image by ZHAO Weiwei)

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