Who is the Best Chef

May 27, 2022 | By ZHAO Weiwei

The cooking skills displayed in MasterChef is marvelous. Here in the dinning hall on science island, we have a similar competition to find out top chef. With different styles of cooking, we got the chance to see the Chinese cuisines art, as part of culinary culture.

About 30 chefs took part in the competition.

A test on cooking knowledge was included.(Image by ZHAO Weiwei)

each dish would be scored accoding to the color, taste, cooking style etc. (Image by ZHAO Weiwei)

"Pork and beans" was charactarized by 30 chefs and wait for people to comment.(Image by ZHAO Weiwei)

a variety of cuisines were ready. (Image by ZHAO Weiwei) 

Pumpkin with beef (Image by ZHAO Weiwei)

Learning is important. Chefs were trying to tell the elements in the dishes. (Image by ZHAO Weiwei)

Chicken with beansprouts and Toufu (Image by ZHAO Weiwei)

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