Peeking into Another World

Nov 17, 2022 | By ZHAO Weiwei

Scientists cultivated the ability to experience wonder, awe and beauty in their work.

In a Photo Contest held recently in HFIPS, researchers shared their discovery and helped audience to understand the beauty of science. Here we may find why science is connected with aesthetic.

Under the electric mirror, the delicate flowers are like pearls in the vast universe. The sample is spherical carbon nitride active material decorated on porous carbon foam for energy storage application. “The image seems like starry night,” said the author. (Image by WU Ziqiang)

An immunofluorescence image of human hepatoma cell HepG2 just fit into feather of peacock. (Image by WANG Ying)

The identification of the β-HMX after extrusion discloses image of delicious tiramisù with different colors. (Image by WANG Yu)

A 4-micron pole star was etched under Focusing Ion Beam. Researchers used Focusing Ion Beam to etch the shape of pole star on the surface by self-designed bitmap pattern. (Image by XU Feng)

Beauty of soldering block (Image by LING Bili)

Under microscope, the pathology section may look like flower, heart, tree or doughnuts.  (Image by HUANG Tingting)


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