Snapshohts of Tri4 Coffee Time

Mar 26, 2024 | By ZHAO Weiwei

Ahmed Mohammed Ali Obaid is a doctor student from Sudan. He gave himself a chinese name as "刘海".  "This phrase means full of hope," he said, after spending hours making a blue coaster with Chinse characters on it. (Image by ZHAO Weiwei)

Tri4 Coffee Time, hosted by the International Collaboration Division of HFIPS, is a monthly gathering held on the fourth Thursday of each month at 4 o'clock. This event brings together international students and scholars from Science Island, fostering collaboration and exchange in a relaxed and informal setting. (Image by ZHAO Weiwei)

Last month, the Tri4 time was centering around making kite for spring. From intricate designs to simple creations of colors, each kite bore the unique touch of its maker. (Image by ZHAO Weiwei)




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