China and Russia go hand in hand for the laser radar atmospheric detection by jointly building China-Russia Research Center for Atmospheric Optics, according a scientific collaboration agreement between Hefei Institutes of Physical Science and Institute of Atmospheric Optics (or IAO) under Russian Academy of Sciences.

The joint research center serves as a international collaberation platform where the China and Russia sides will make their joint contribution to environmental and meteorological science.
Under the collaberation frame work detailed in the agreement, the two sides start out to build an international first-class and full-height lidar atmospheric detection facility with an independent largescale telescope, which are able to achieve comprehensive high-resolution three-dimensional detection for atmospheric aerosol, atmospheric turbulence and meteorological parameters.

In addition to the advanced detection facility they plan to build, the two partners are going to optimize the Standardized International Observatory which are located respectively in Siberia, Russia and Jianghuai region, China. With optimization work, key scientific issues in atmospheric study, such as, haze pollution, accurate weather forecast and climate change will be well adressed.

With the anticipation of a fruitful collaboration, bilateral academic exchange and visits between the two sides as well as other joint activities will be stretched regularly to contribute views to shared academic issues.

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