Hefei Institutes of Physical Science (or HFIPS) and Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (or JINR) jointly built the China-Russia Superconducting Technology and Proton Therapy Joint Laboratory to conduct research on superconducting technology and proton therapy.

And the joint lab in progress was officially approved by Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China in 2020.

Based on the fruitful collaboration that has been achieved previously, the two partners were planning to deepen their collaboration to superconducting technology and proton therapy on which they were expecting to develop medical cyclotron.

Taken as a collaborative platform, the joint lab aims to support scientific programs, bilateral scientific exchanges, training classes as well as standard setting up.

All these efforts are considered to tackle key problems in developing superconducting magnets and accelerator physics on the basis of national mega-science projects then to develop superconducting cyclotron.

Besides the joint work on scientific technical problems, the lab also focuses on establishing a professional training center for regular scientific exchanges and training classes.

JINR has been a long time partner of HFIPS. Backing to 2012, the two partners started their partnership from the collaboration on superconducting current leads. In September 2020, NICA -focused Collaborative Agreement was signed under which they will collaborate on MJ-level high temperature superconductor energy storage magnet systems that works to ensure safety and stability of NICA mega science facility.

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