Simple and Green Way for Wound Healing: Synthesis of AgNPs@rGO

09 27,2021-09-27 | By LIU Chao, ZHAO Weiwei

Researchers from Hefei Institutes of Physical Science (HFIPS) developed a novel approach of green synthesis of AgNPs@rGO based on plasma technology. This composite nanomaterial, with much simplified manufacturing process, can be made into band-aids for wound sterilization and healing.

Abuse of antibiotics can cause bacterial resistance. Silver nanoparticles (Ag NPs) have excellent antibacterial properties and biocompatibility, and introduction of the two-dimensional material graphene can greatly improve dispersibility of the silver nanoparticles and improve the sterilization efficiency. However, the current preparation methods of AgNPs@rGO composite usually require harsh conditions such as using toxic and polluting chemical reagents.

In this research, researchers employed high-voltage direct-current (DC) discharge plasma for fabrication of AgNPs@rGO by reducing both Ag+ ions and GO simultaneously.

"The advantage is obvious, and it's ready for application," said Prof. HUANG Qing, who led the research team. “this electrical flash strategy for synthesis of AgNPs@rGO composite nanomaterial took only a very short period time (within 1 min), which is different from traditional high-cost and time-consuming processing."

The as-fabricated AgNPs@rGO nanomaterial showed excellent disinfection effect and bio-compatibility, and could be used for wound healing band-aids, as demonstrated by the researchers

Link to the paper: Single-step synthesis of AgNPs@rGO composite by e-beam from DC-plasma for wound-healing band-aids

Figure 1. The synthesis procedure of AgNPs@rGO and its application in antibacterial effect. (Image by Liu Chao)


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