Happy Chinese New Year of Tiger

Jan 28, 2022 | By ZHOU Shu

If you want to learn about China, you won’t miss the Spring Festival that is indisputably considered by all the Chinese people the most important traditional festival around the year to celebrate the coming of Chinese New Year.

What is GuoNian (celebration of Chinese New Year)?
In ancient China, there was a monster called “Nian”. It lived in water and climbed on the shore on each Chinese New Year’s Eve to eat livestock and to hurt people causing damages to the villages. When the Chinese New Year was coming, all the people hung couplets, let off firecractors to expel Nian. This traditional custom has been widely spread and passed down. This is the origin of "Guonian" that means celebration of Chinese New Year.

What do Chinese People do to celebrate the Chinese New Year?
The Spring Festival (Chun Jie) falls on the first day of the new year according to Chinese lunar calendar. All the Chinese family do much for the New Year.

Before the Chinese New Year
When the Spring Festival is approaching, people are busy with purchasing goods, cleaning house and cooking traditional food. Chinese people also make so many decorations for the house, like making Spring Festival couplets, hanging red lantern and Spring Festival Pictures

During the Chinese New Year
Having a family dinner is the main activity on Chinese New Year’s Eve, which is called reunion dinner. In many places, especially in the north, dumplings are essential representing reunion and goodwill. Family gather to enjoy quality family time.

Lunar new year’s time, people in new clothes visit each other and give red lucky envelop with money inside to kids extending best wishes for the new year.

In Spring Festival, all kinds of celebrations are held in cities and rural places, like temple fairs, performances and Lantern exhibitions which last nearly half a month to the Lantern Festival, the fifteenth day of first month according to lunar calendar.

What would you say to Chinese People during the Chinese New Year?

过年好(Guonianhao)- I wish you a Happy New Year.
恭喜发财(Gongxifacai)- I wish you happiness and prosperity.
万事如意(Wanshiruyi)- May all your wishes be fulfilled.
年年有余(Niannianyouyu)- May every year be prosperous.
大吉大利(Dajidali)- Good luck and prosperity.
身体健康 (Shentijiankang)- I wish you good health.
红包拿来 (Hongbaonalai)- Give me my red packet.

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