Ways to Experience to the Wonderful World-Book Signing Event Connected Children With Children's Author

Jan 10, 2022 | By ZHAO Weiwei

Ways to Experience to the Wonderful World-book signing event connected children with author of children’s literature

A book signing event recently brought WU Meizhen, a popular children’s author closer to her readers.

On Jan.3, a lecture made by WU Meizhen on science island, explained how to write good essays in detail.

She opened the door for children to the literature by introducing ways of writing. She encouraged them to read more and observe the world carefully. When people start writing, they would find themselves in a wonderful adventure.

Science activity after the lecture took children on another journey about the "Artificial Sun" - EAST of Institute of Plasma Physics. Several experiments displayed how the artificial sun worked. "That is fascinating!" said a child.

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