Stay Healthy, Stay Young

Jun 30, 2022 | By ZHAO Weiwei

Exciting sports events were held on Science island, including basketball, tennis, badminton…, as part of activities of graduation season.

Stay healthy, stay young.

Basketball match held in Institute of Intelligent Machines (Image by WU Yinting)

As one of the popular sport events, badminton match recieved attention of many people, including foreign students. This is when the match was held in Institute of Solid State Physics, to celebrate the graduation season. (Image by XU Ganyu)

Women's Volleyball match in Institute of Plasma Physcis also attracted many fans. (Image by HU Hailin)

The competition of basketball of Institute of Intelligent Machines were intense. (Image by WU Yinting)

Image by WU Yinting

Image by HU Hailin

Image by HU Hailin

Image by XU Ganyu

Image by XU Ganyu


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