HFIPS Collaborates with IAS on Artificial Intelligence

Feb 28, 2023 | By ZHOU Shu

Hefei Institutes of Physical Science (HFIPS) and Institute of Industrial Automation and Software Engineering, University of Stuttgart (IAS) launched their collaboration on artificial intelligence.

According to the agreement the two institutes has reached, scholar and student exchange will be conducted first then deeper collaboration could be facilitated in a long-term manner.

The two “new” partners have already had their first academic exchange that all the participants had a great discussion about research work they are doing now, like AI technology applied in agriculture, health and manufacturing, robot technology, ion beam breeding technology and industrial internet applied in new energy vehicles.

As a framework for their collaboration practice in the near future, a collaborative agreement was signed by Professor LIU Jianguo, President of HFIPS and Dr. Nasser Jazdi, Deputy of IAS. The ceremony took place the same day at Dr. Nasser Jazdi’s first visit to Science Island. As for the Germany partner, who is an excellent digital twin technology expert has paid many times working in Hefei in past four years, but this was his first to Science Island, which remains in his mind, “very impressive”. He had lab tours to Hefei Artificial Intelligence Breeding Accelerator (HAIBA) and Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST).

IAS is a well-known institute with over 80-year tradition of automation technology within University of Stuttgart, German. Its practical research is carried out with scientific depth giving priorities to research on flexibility and reliability of Automation systems as well as the Engineering of Cyber Physical Automation Systems. It focuses the most on Automation Technology. And the research assistants there analyse aspects of software development, the reliability and learning capabilities of automotive systems as well as Web and App technologies in Automation technology. IAS also works together on projects with well-known research institutes as well as Industrial companies.

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