International Sciences and Arts Festival Held in CRAFT Park

Oct 30, 2023 | By ZHAO Weiwei; Image by CAI Qimin

The first China (Hefei) International Sciences and Arts Festival was held on October 28th. The theme of the event was "Science and Art in the Digital Age."

The CRAFT Park sub-venue of the first China (Hefei) International Sciences and Arts Festival, captivated visitors with its unique blend of creativity and innovation.

Multiple exciting events of science and art intertwined to create atmosphere of "science + art". Lively and diverse exhibits attracted the attention of primary and secondary school students.

Non-heritage cultural displays like straw weaving, tie-dyeing, paper cutting, woodcarving, coin purses, ceramics, sugar blowing, and other non-heritage cultural displays.

the science island popular science image ambassador "Xingbao" showcased the fusion of science and art on-site.

Maglev train experiment caught children's eyes.

Science play  

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