Call for Experimental Proposals of EAST Campaign in 2022

Apr 18, 2022 | By ASIPP

This is the official Call for Experimental Proposals of EAST campaign in 2022.

The first campaign of EAST experiment in 2022 has been launched and is scheduled to be under operation until the end of July 2022. For detailed information, please find the EAST schedule, research topics and machine status as attached. You may submit the proposal through http://east.ipp.ac.cn/, and please be aware that the deadline is May 01, 2022.

As an open and shared fusion research facility, EAST is operating with a “Three-Shifts” mode, which supports global scientists to participate in the EAST campaign remotely. Remote participants/proposals will be organized with different time zones in a flexible way.

It would be much appreciated that you distribute this information to those who are not included in the mailing list but may be interested in joining EAST experiments.

For further questions about this EAST campaign, please contact:

- QIAN Jinping (jpqian@ipp.ac.cn)

- CHENG Liang (chengliang@ipp.ac.cn )

Thanks for your interest and contribution to EAST.

Experimental operation instruction manuals of EAST 2022 (PDF)


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