HFIPS is the main research center in China conducting work in fronts to explore nuclear fusion research both in high performance steady state plasma study and technology development. In the past several decades, HFIPS has constructed four generations of Tokamak facilities among which the Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak(EAST) is the world’s first non-circular cross-section fully superconducting Tokamak, based on which HFIPS conducts physical experiments on high performance steady operation mode; acquires experience on physical design and operation mode for ITER and CFETR (the China Fusion Engineering Test Reactor). Besides the fusion facility HFIPS operates, it also is an active part in ITER program developing key ITER-targeting technology. The work HFIPS has done for fusion facility construction and ITER participation makes it capable to do pre-research for CFETR.

HFIPS’s work in energy also covers the research on advanced nuclear energy and nuclear energy safety, like neutron physics and radiation safety for sustainability for nuclear energy.



Energy Research at HFIPS
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